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  1. A (kind of) workaround for broken HD install in 6.0.1
  2. [solved] Poor-man's-installation does not boot from IDE-HD
  3. Dual Booting XP and KNOPPIX the easy Way
  4. SU in KDE Error after HDD Install
  5. Getting GRUB to Use Windows as default Boot
  6. hp v2000 laptop and ?broken? knoppix 6.0.1 install
  7. USB Boot
  8. Knoppix 6.0.1 Freezes at 76%
  9. New to Knoppix
  10. choosing the right linux dist (linux first time user)
  11. installing live cd
  12. Sata hard drive problems
  13. apps wont load!!
  14. needed help:image of bootable CF
  15. CD boot DVD apps
  16. GUIGUY Needs GUI Interface on HD Version...
  17. Kernel Development, Rtlinux- W/ Knoppix /W a side of Ubuntu~
  18. To HDD install or Not
  19. Install GNOME 2.28 (and network-manager) on Knoppix 5.3.1DVD
  20. Boot bug in KNOPPIX 6.0.1 hard drive install??
  21. Networking issues after installing KDE on a 6.0 install...
  22. "E: Package libarchive-zip-perl has no installation can
  23. Recognizing the Intel processor
  24. Problem findind installable partition on 6.2.0
  25. Spell Check question
  26. Boot codes for Hard Drive Install
  27. add cheat codes to hard drive install
  28. USB boot
  29. No video in browsers, eg Cnn, Fox BBC News.
  30. Mount Bytecc BT300 Drive
  31. instalation of new hard drive
  32. Problem while installing madwifi
  33. Installing on an USB hard drive
  34. Borked MBR but think I know what problem is
  35. Google Chrome https failures
  36. Disable auto login in Knoppix 6.2
  37. From Live-USB to Old-school CLI Debian Linux.
  38. re: USB (flash or hd) install - Why can't ext2 or ext3 FS be
  39. Knoppicizing a Debian install??
  40. New to Knoppix - need help installing to USB flash drive
  41. update hd install with next version of knoppix?
  42. hd install and problems with hibernation
  43. hd install and tv card recording
  44. Installing Knoppix 5.3.1 on Raid 0 Drive
  45. knoppix 6.2 en - open office not working
  46. what should be my file system configuration
  47. Root Password Problem
  48. Two problems with HDD instalation
  49. Knoppix install problems!
  50. Unable to boot live cd Knoppix 6.2
  51. Script to run at bootup
  52. I think I have a unique problem
  53. Mounting partitions on a debian-installer ISO booted via grub2 copied to tmpfs
  54. confused by password stuff
  55. 6.2.1 + HP ProBook4510s = WOW!!!!
  56. Intergrading old e-mail data?
  57. install knoppix 6.2 in a cf-card
  58. Fool-proof multi-boot PC with Knoppix 6.2.1 run from HD as deault boot option.
  59. my knoppix installation was all in german language.
  60. Unmodified Knoppix 6.2.1 on GRUB-booted external Unix USB device, from scratch
  61. Booting trouble
  62. Installing 6.2.1 Knoppix on SCSI system
  63. Which Versions Have Installer?
  64. Cheatcodes
  65. Mounting Raid Array
  66. Physical damage on NTFS drive, need to mark that area.
  67. can not get poor mans install to boot
  68. Freeze on selection execution - Knoppix 6.2 compaq evo n610c
  69. file not found error using poor mans install method that worked on another box
  70. g++ and knoppix
  71. Cloning a drive
  72. A little help? Java and Flash in Iceweasel.
  73. HD install fail: Gparted won't let me set mountpoints
  74. HD Install on existing partition system
  75. command line not visible v6.4.3 adriane
  76. dpkg: warning: files list file for package missing, as assuming package has ....
  77. MPlayer Install on a HDD System - what's the most reliable?
  78. Issue with update manager
  79. Is knoppix 6.4.4 breaking local installations somehow?
  80. Lex and yacc installation
  81. Knoppix 6.4.3 installed to hdd in virtual box. Random seg faults after each install.
  82. Synaptic Won't open
  83. Base System
  84. change desktop on 6.4.4
  85. System Settings
  86. Does HD Installation have Persistent Store Like Live USB ?
  87. Knoppix 6.4.3 HD-Installation Shutdown at Boot Sttart
  88. How to install KNoppix 6.4.4 to hard disk
  89. Amending Boot Sequence?
  90. Double checking the install method for running duel boot
  91. Cloud Hosting
  92. cannot install libgl1-mesa-dev via apt-get
  93. Save Settings
  94. Poor man's install, with extra storage, on NTFS/Win7
  95. stuck at gparted
  96. BIOS gives "boot error" on USB boot, CD boot works perfectly
  97. How to install knoppix-std in centos
  98. Key deposit in knoppix 6.4
  99. dpkg error upgr libc6: A copy of the C library was found in an unexpected directory
  100. Stuck installing to HD
  101. Installing Knoppix with Fedora?
  102. problems after apt-get -dist-upgrade -f
  103. apt cache limit
  104. Unable to update/upgrade 6.7.1 after HD install
  105. Updating on LIVE USB
  106. PDF Printer
  107. cannot boot from knoppix 6.7 installed on HD
  108. Knoppix 6.7.1 CD | HDD install; Welcome screen is just LOTS OF PIXELS; test screens;
  109. Iceweasel won't start after upgrade
  110. edit desktop icons
  111. Knoppix 7.0 USB and HD install glitch
  112. Knoppix 7.0 HD Install from Linux Magazine DVD -error message
  113. How can I install Skype in Knoppix?
  114. Knoppix 7 to Hard Drive Problem
  115. Install to flash drive error
  116. install log location?
  117. USB on knoppix running out of space(home/knoppix)
  118. downloaded from distro watch
  119. Segmentation fault or Hulu Desktop could not locate the Flash plugin ...
  120. WindowMaker KNOPPIX 7.0.4 (DVD/USB)
  121. hdd install over net or livecd
  122. installed linux magazine dvd knoppix 7 - a newbie questions: thanks
  123. When boot procedure stops-ways to solve the problem
  124. Installing persistent USB install to particular HDD partition
  125. [ask] install knoppix to HDD
  126. knoppix in french
  127. wrong keyboard -- please help
  128. Poor Man's Install
  129. If Knoppix becomes Debian when Installed to a HDD ...
  130. HDD spins down every few seconds
  131. "0wn" (install Knoppix to HD) won't proceed beyond 1st stage (partition creation)
  132. Recuperate data from hdd
  133. Appearant new bug
  134. Resetting clock local time.
  135. Editing Grub menu
  136. installing HandBrake
  137. Possible bug on init
  138. How to install to USB hdd?
  139. persistence on usb key
  140. encrypted persistent home with HD install
  141. Boot error messages on HD install
  142. knoppix 7 unix multiboot booting to grub4dos 0.4.5c dos prompt
  143. How can I clean up when Synaptic screws up?
  144. unable to install using KNOPPIX HD Install script
  145. Installed 7.2 to hard drive. Where's syslinux.cfg?
  146. Versio For Old Machine
  147. 7.2 installed on hdd, key board layout problem
  148. Knoppix 7.2 vfat usb flashdrive and pipelight for Netflix
  149. how do you update ClamAV and ClamTK in Knoppix7.2
  150. using knoppix tohd=/dev/sda1 boot option when sda1 is an external USB HD
  151. Introduction and a question
  152. apt-get and libgtk-3-dev
  153. Wierd udev message
  154. Please enter directory containing KNOPPIX files.(as superuser)
  155. I think I've broken it
  156. I seem to have broken my knoppix hdd installation.
  157. Poor Man's Install of Latest Knoppix
  158. Install Knoppix 7.2 and GRUB To Second Drive Only
  159. Update
  160. Not enough swap space found
  161. Time problem
  162. Adrian install
  163. Installing .iso Knoppix DVD in Knoppix
  164. Indirect HDD install
  165. How to enable sqlite for php apache
  166. playonlinux not working after installation
  167. how to install to HDD within livecd
  168. 1-SWAP_FILES_FOLDERS 2- Meaning of Starred Posts?
  169. virtual box not running giving error
  170. Debian release changed
  171. After HDD install Adriane option boots in graphical mode, without usual menu
  172. Moving/home to a separate partition.
  173. installing on a Asus X552M laptop questions
  174. Dual PIII boots and runs from 7.2.0 CD but after HD Inst hangs on boot
  175. finally, a distro that works!
  176. (ask) knoppix on flash drive
  177. Poor Man's Install to Hard Disk since Knoppix 7.6.0
  178. Terminal Server installation
  179. What do I change /etc/apt/sources.list to, and how do I fix unable-to-install?
  180. Not authorized...
  181. Is it a mistake to leave scripts in /etc/init.d that I dont want to run at boot time?
  182. Time/Date configuration
  183. does "tohd=/dev/xxx" copy just the files from the KNOPPIX directory?
  184. Mounting self-made cloop file - how?
  185. Knoppix 8.1 Hard drive Installation
  186. "bootfrom=Knoppix810.iso" does not accept Network ((the mine!)
  187. version 7.2
  188. Install grub2 from knoppix