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  1. Using qtparted to resize a NTFS partition
  2. fsck.ntfs not found when trying to repair Windows 2000 Pro
  3. NTFS: Will 3.4/2.6 write to NTFS reliably and safely?
  4. Low Disk Space after dual boot wondows/knoppix -resize?
  5. Viewing and reading Windows NTFS Drives?
  6. Knoppix viewing windows directory..?
  7. The Guide to Creating a Dual Boot Knoppix 3.4/Win XP System
  8. Can Knoppix write to NTFS?
  9. NTFS: Read-Write Safely with INSERT (Knoppix-based)
  10. Forum Charter
  11. NTFS: Kanotix Live CD (Knoppix-based) with Quick HD setup
  12. Web developing
  13. noob help :?
  14. NET-TIME server v1.41
  15. Using Knoppix to Recover Windows 98
  16. Captive-NTFS just disappears when I try to use it.
  17. DHCP connection help required
  18. Hard Drive Salvage from corrupted Windows XP NTFS drive
  19. Running Lyx 1.3.4
  20. Dual Boot Knoppix and Windows(Dual Boot)?
  21. Is it possible to view MSW hidden files on GNU?
  22. general knoppix questions, new user
  23. NTFS Mounting
  24. CD Booting Problem
  25. Sharing 56 internet connexion by a WINXP PC.
  26. Recover deleted files
  27. Splitting large files?
  28. WINE
  29. Tip for Windows XP users
  32. Just making sure
  33. It's not done until Lotus won't run
  34. look at this
  35. vnc server
  36. newbie: Partition Image reliable for NTFS?
  37. knoppix 3.4 booting problem
  38. Knoppix in a Virtual PC virtual machine hosted under Win XP
  39. Windows XP and Administrator Documents
  40. Repair NTFS in Knoppix
  41. Tools or utility for scanning disk
  42. Swap XP drives using partimage/Knoppix?
  43. linux newbie
  44. windows software to configure linux?
  45. Puzzled beginner, question, file size v3.6
  46. Windows Live CD:Is there such thing?
  47. Newbie
  48. Restoring win98 MBR with Knoppix CD
  49. FAT32 partition dissapeared??
  50. Knoppix Live CD-Entire windows system backup to DVD via USB
  51. How do I know what to burn to disk?
  52. Anybody here use Pearpc?
  53. Rescue ntfs files
  54. ext3-format wiederherstellen in ntfs
  55. can't write to fat partition
  56. Trying to recover data, need help please
  57. Editing the Windows Registry?
  58. Virus Removal?
  59. OS Design Differences
  60. Can I format C drive with Knoppix?
  61. Remastering Knoppix as a Windows Rescue CD (aioscript)
  62. Virtual Machine Program Live!
  63. Install programs
  64. Clam Antivirus
  65. Consumption of Power for MS Windows
  66. can't create a file on the ntfs partition
  67. NTFS Persistant Home
  68. open source/free data recovery software
  69. Yet another XP recovery
  70. How to copy an NTFS drive to another NTFS drive
  71. hello world! did I have an really stuppid idea?
  72. Debian and Windows
  73. Windows Rescue CD All In One script (aioscript) PART 2!!
  74. Minimum Package Requirements
  75. Product Key Code - I need a new one...
  76. Windows/Knoppix Partitions
  77. Using Linux to remove spyware from Windows partitions.
  78. Knoppix and windows networking
  79. knoppix tools for recovering windows
  80. Terminal Server
  81. windows/linux ethernet speed difference
  82. Reinstalling windows
  83. Unable to boot to WindowsXP after running Knoppix Live CD!
  84. Did you try to do HD install
  85. OpenSource NTFS Drivers
  86. Captive-NTFS
  87. colinux
  88. Newbie Help!
  89. Great recovery almost done. Need help with one last step.
  90. Compiling C files
  92. Telstra Bigpond
  93. Multi-desktop Knoppix style on windows?
  94. "Initiating starting sequence" forever...
  95. Saving Files to floppy disk
  96. Saving a large container from crashed WinXP to external HD
  97. Knoppix -- virtual and real in the same CD/DVD
  98. spreading Knoppix due to MS Windows "issues"
  99. Installed Windows and LILO was erased
  100. Environment variables
  101. Minimal Knoppix Live CD
  102. C compiled files with Knoppix
  103. Splitting large files into external FAT32 HD
  104. Hard drives not showing up anymore?
  105. Another Windows crash
  106. Large extremely important NTFS files...
  107. Can I Use Knoppix With MS Windows??
  108. virus scanning in knoppix?
  109. recovery of deleted files by virus, XP OS
  110. Accessing "My Documents" folder on WinXP Home with
  111. The Open Source Software for Windows thread
  112. how to setup internet
  113. How do to install program
  114. Printing: XP to Linux or Linux to XP
  115. Knoppix and TV
  116. Problem with the internet...
  117. Major Problem, Please Help
  118. connect to the internet
  119. Windows and Linux on one Hard Disk
  120. USB connection
  121. Setting up WINE
  122. problems booting
  123. I didn't get very far!
  124. Installing Knoppix to MBR
  125. ANOTHER Internet problem
  126. Old BIOS, no Hard drive
  127. Dual-Boot System Crash after Repartitioning
  128. Booting booting... CRASH
  129. How do I run sshd on startup?
  130. Accessing my Hard Drive with Freeduc-CD
  131. ati tv card and knoppix v3.3
  132. I wanna load a module at boot time...
  133. md5 sum
  134. win doesn't play nice with my knoppix hd install :(
  135. Repairing windows 98 machine with Knoppix 3.3
  136. Installing USB devices - lead me!
  137. How to disable X from loading? (for installing drivers)
  138. Problems Ejecting CDROM
  139. Trying to install stuff on Knoppix 3.6
  140. Partitioning Software
  141. Problems with recompiled kernel
  142. Newbie needs help w/ printer
  143. Edit: Need help by resizing ext3 Partition w/o data loss!
  144. i errored and am confused how to fix it!. help!!!!
  145. Ultra linux noob needs help!
  146. KNOPPIX CD v3.3 but I got error loading
  147. Root User
  148. PC wont boot Knoppix
  149. Moving Files from Knoppix Live to WinXP Pro
  150. noob and linux kernel
  151. Knoppix under Windows - help Linux appeal to wider audience
  152. ISO CD does not work
  153. programs stuck when autocompleting(tab) in gui
  154. Yes,another boot problem
  155. how do I run a script on startup
  156. Help Running Diablo II with a knoppix cd
  157. How do I boot the 2.6 kernel from the 3.6 Live distro CD??!!
  158. Knoppix just a toy w/o real support
  159. I installed knoppix hdb and now win2k on hda1 is unbootable
  160. AOL
  161. Why do user's.....?
  162. better class of failure
  163. Soundblaster and Live Knoppix (module not loading) Help!
  164. Ok, this is just crazy!!! I gotta know!
  165. Making the Live CD use less space? is it possiable?
  166. Linux NTFS and Win 2000 Networks
  167. WHY ME!!!!!! KNOPPIX 3.7
  168. Windows and Knoppix together on same HD
  169. qtparted, then windows XP sp2 unbootable.. a new trend?
  170. Tips for Wine
  171. WMA in xine
  172. About VMware Tools,Thanks!!!
  173. Knoppix 3.7 and Raid 0 Config Question?
  174. Windows file size limit and spliting files on the fly
  175. How to read the hard disk?
  176. Possible to remove spyware Windows registry files w/Knoppix?
  177. Retrieve MyConfig after HD install
  178. FYI: Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  179. Is their a debian equivilant of azureus ( the bittorrent cli
  180. Reducing NTFS partition size
  181. Goodbye windows! (almost. I need help!)
  182. Installing RPM packages
  183. SuSe Pro 9.2 or Knoppix 3.7?
  184. A few n00b questions
  185. partimage
  186. what to do with.tar.bz2 files?!
  187. Error configuring shared Windows printer
  188. Pda syncing issues! (palm not found!)
  189. Lilo Boot-Manager
  190. Replace Suse 9.2 Pro with Knoppix or other OS
  191. Loadlin and Knoppix 3.7?
  192. shokwave, flash, etc. plugins?
  193. Another noob :P
  194. Windows Recovery
  195. Net Send?
  196. restoring windows files
  197. totally new to knoppix ='(
  198. knoppix ? Awesome, but can u solve me some doubts? [Noob]
  199. Dual Boot With Win98
  200. Mounting a USB key. IDEA for some real smart Knoppix guru
  201. Changing Drive Permissions
  202. chmod question
  203. Problems erasing HDD data using the Live CD
  204. what to do with .bin files?
  205. Lost (KDE)Wallet access. How to reset?
  206. Noob onboard...
  207. how to get soundcard to work
  208. Super N00b
  209. windows XP SP2 no longer boots after using knoppix 3.6
  210. libqt3 help!
  211. Brand New
  212. Windows apps on knoppix
  213. Knoppix 3.7 Nvidia Accelerator Procedure
  214. Customizing KTerm / Telnet
  215. xp home edition
  216. cannot hdd install /w knoppix-installer
  217. cannot boot off iso image
  218. noob with problem...
  219. Mounting HD with Write permission using LIVE CD
  220. Captive NTFS on Knoppix 3.6 and WInXP / NTFS hard drive
  221. Persistant freezes in Mozilla, corrupted files?
  222. How to configure my wireless network?
  223. knoppix on 32 meg of ram
  224. Help
  225. Persistent home and NTFS
  226. Mount NTFS
  227. COmpression Software on Windows XP
  228. Need commands to partition NTFS hard drive,make image of it
  229. Trying to fix Win XP Home mess w/NTFS write access (long)
  230. Problem getting STARTED even.....
  231. Changing Themes
  232. Qemu and Knoppix
  233. got Knoppix started, now what?
  234. cant get bootdisks(floppy) to work
  235. Using Files on Windows Partition in Cedega??
  236. Accessing Windows Registry Through Knoppix
  237. Alien rpm FIle
  238. Installing Knoppix Onto Second Harddisk
  239. almost got captive-ntfs working
  240. Playing media files from Samba share.
  241. TMPGEnc for linux?
  242. minimal knoppix version
  243. Best type of partition?
  244. Not meant to be installed on the hard drive?
  246. Which Linux for OLD computer?
  247. Playing flash without using Web-browser plugin
  248. X11 Problem with Knoppix on CoLinux
  249. Got knoppix but had to start windows!!
  250. Installing over mandrake and keeping the duel boot system