View Full Version : Installing Knoppix 3.3 (16. II 2004.) onto HDD in steps.

05-07-2004, 01:34 PM
Hi to all. I need a help with installing Knoppix 3.3 (16. II 2004.) onto HDD. I have a realy good computer, but I do not want to install Knoppix onto it, so I decide to install it onto my old computer (IBM, Intel 440BX chipset, Intel Pentium II 450MHz, 256MB SDRAM PC-100, 6.4 GB HDD). The boot CD works well on this computer and everything works fine. Now, I want to install it onto HDD. Using Power Quest PartitionMagic 8.0 I partitioned HDD (5GB for Ext2 FS and ~1.4 GB for LinSwap partition) - as described in the manual. Then I boot comp from Knoppix CD with option Knoppix 2. I typed this in the cmd prompt:
CD ..
CD mnt
mount hda1
cp -a /KNOPPIX/* /mnt/hda1
After ~30min coping has finished. After that (as described in the manual) I modified lilo.conf file (using command vi /mnt/hda1/etc/lilo.conf). I removed one line as described in the lilo.conf file and I put hda1 as boot device. I saved lilo.conf file. Then in the command prompt I typed this cmd:
lilo -C /mnt/hda1/etc/lilo.conf
and I recieved this message (something like this)
Error: /boot/map~ :Read-only file system
Whats wrong?
If I done something wrong, please, write me how can I install this stuff in steps (pleeeeasseee, IN STEPS, 'cose I am a really beginner in Linux).

Thanx to all for a help,

Durand Hicks
05-07-2004, 03:25 PM
Looks to me you're trying the poor man's install instead of the full install method. Have you tried opening a console window and used the following code to install knoppix to the computer:
sudo knoppix-installer That will install a full blown debian-like system assuming you choose debian install instead of knoppix install. Note, it's best to configure your system preferences, cheatcodes, etc first before installing knoppix, as that will transfer to the hard drive exactly as is, preferences and all.

05-07-2004, 05:24 PM
Thanx Durand for your help. It works!:-)... Of, course, it works well... Thanx again!

Durand Hicks
05-07-2004, 05:48 PM
Glad you made it. Welcome aboard the Linux Train! ;)