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05-12-2004, 12:21 AM
The last time the TV out function worked for me was using the the 3.2 build of Knoppix that was released on 06/06/2003..."If Im not mistaken on the date".
every other build seems to scramble my TV monitor making it un-viewible.
I have tryed the cheat codes listed in the doc section "fb800x600" and "knoppix -txt xvrefresh=60" and xmodule=nv also xmodule=nvidia
with no success. There is even an option in the kde menu under system/tools/ I believe for TV out, but it just idles and finally dies.
Using 3.2 I never had to do anything special the auto detect would configure the hardware off the live-cd and it seemed to work quite well. Infact when even I need the additional screen thats the version I turn to. I would however like to have that option using the latest build of 3.4 released on 5/10/04. I'm just curious what has changed from that distro that would cause it not to work. Perhaps there's a cheat code I am over looking? FYI I could care less about 3d support, If I was going to play games I would most likely use Morphix's Game CD, But the TV out function is something I really miss. If anyone has any input as to what may be causeing the problem and what steps could be taken to reslove this issue I would very much appreciate it. Please see my system specs below. Thankyou.

800mhz P3
320 megs of SDram
Nvidia Gforce fx 5200 with 256 megs of DDR video ram
80 gig HD
Soundblaster Live soundcard

05-14-2004, 02:24 AM
No one elts has issues with TV out for knoppix?