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03-05-2003, 06:48 AM
Hi, I'm a total newbie to linux, and wanted to try it out. I managed to do a hd install of knoppix, and it seemed to be ok. it said installation complete.
I then restarted, and tried booting from the hard drive, but on the screen after the initial bios screen, i get about 100 '01' across my screen, and then nothing happens. I'm pretty sure it is crashing.
dowa anybody know what i should do?

03-05-2003, 03:46 PM
well, i have finally given up on linux.
After trying debian (stupidly impossible to install and get right), red hat (just big pilke of crap) and also installing debian from knoppix cd, i have come to the conclusion that windows is oh so much better.
at least there is some kind of support for windows, but i have tried everything, irc chat, forums, manuals, help files, walkthroughs, and still no one can tell me what is wrong with this whole 01 error.

I did however find that if i use the recovery floppy i made, it boots, however, all of a sudden my usb cable modem doesnt work, even tho it worked in knoppix, and also i cant acceess my cdrom or hard drives.

For this reason i have decided to stick with windows. linux is way too over rated and its just used by all you people who think they are above everyone else in knowledge. ooh, look at me i'm 1337, ooh. shut up! fools!

03-05-2003, 04:24 PM
perhaps if you had waited more that 8 hours(in the middle of the night for many people,) between posting the question and giving up people would be around to give it a shot. My guess is lilo is messed up, do to it wont boot without the floppy. As for the drives, they are all still there, you just have to get used to the way linux deals with them. The modem, on the other hand, I know nothing about.

I use linux for the versitility, the power, and the cost. I would not want to fork over big bucks to a computer monolopy just to get a crappy, buggy peice of code,. Every time I have had a problem with windows, the tech supports answer has been, "reinstall" I have yet to ear that as a solution of any linux problem....

03-05-2003, 08:53 PM
actually, i just read my post, and have to apologise for being an ass.
at the time of writing, i was very pissed off cos we were burgled yesterday, ,and also i was very drunk. lol, sorry guys!
although i do stand by comment about linux users thinking they are above everyone else. :P
I do agree with you tho, its not worth shelling out money on software that you have to run on a buggy system.
Even tho linux is far from perfect, it is very interesting, but i am very unfamiliar with the way it works.
unfortunately it still remains that there is very little support for linux, and apart from the fact that very few games actually work on it, most manufacturers dont make linux drivers for their hardware.
After emailling motorola , i found out that they dont do linux drivers for my cable modem, which is a bit pointless. i pay for a broadband service and can't use it on a pc which doesnt have windows.
I dont know what lilo is, but if i have a problem with it, how would i go about fixing it?
once again, i'll apologise about my behaviour in the past post, as i myself hate it when people go onto forums and just shoot their mouths off.

03-05-2003, 10:14 PM
i new to linux myself, but after watching many conversations on problems, it seems many boot related problems are due to a lilo problem, i may be wrong on that. Lilo is the program that tells the computer which OS to run at boot time. ( i can't help you with that, but some of the better people here can and will..)

About the companies not makeing linux drivers... well almost none of my hardware is supported in linux... HOWEVER, many of the drivers have been made by users that work. That is the beuaty of linux, lol. Do a quick google of your hardware and look for linux drivers, or compatable drivers out their.

ut2k3, great game to buy to play in linux.... as well as the free games out their...

03-06-2003, 01:52 PM
still cant find drivers for the usb cable modem. still dont know how to fix the whole lilo problem.
How come the modem worked in knoppix even though there arent driers for it? strange!

03-10-2003, 04:43 PM
Not entirely strange: the HD install gives you Debian, the run from CD gives you Knoppix.

But that your modem will work from Knoppix means that you can get it to work in Debian with some tweaking.

For Lilo, for general support and info, get the HOWTOs (they're available as a deb package -- there's a link on the Debian site).

Surprised you didn't like RedHat. Without knocking you or Debian, I'd not recommend it to someone new to Linux. SuSE Professional is a good distro for newcomers willing to put a little time into learning Linux (and with good documenation as hard copy), or you might like to try Ximian (basically Debian made user freindly).

There's a distro for everyone..........

03-10-2003, 08:05 PM
If you need assistance then please post some system details and what you have already done to solve the problem.

still cant find drivers for the usb cable modem.

It's very possible that it's not your modem but your USB hub isn't working. Have you successfully connected other USB devices?

How come the modem worked in knoppix even though there arent driers for it? strange!

Read the FAQ and you will see that things change from booting an OS to installing an OS. Linux drivers are commonly made by someone other than the hardware manufacturer.

still dont know how to fix the whole lilo problem.

At the command promt type this:
man lilo

and you will get a "man" page (short for manual page) granted they are sometimes cryptic but it's all there just the same.

or search online here:
http://www.justlinux.com or here:
for relevant forum posts and how to articles on anything Linux.

You could have installed LILO easily when you installed Knoppix (had you known about it-it's very easy really). Here's the easy fix: reinstall Knoppix then when prompted selct "install LILO to MBR" and you will have a bootable OS.

unfortunately it still remains that there is very little support for linux,

Are you kidding???? If you stay with Linux for long you will see the developers themselves posting answers to YOUR questions in forums, answering emails, etc. Does Bill do that? How about Steve? There are good and bad ways to ask Linux questions. Threatening to 'give up' doesn't mean much because no one cares. Saying that you read article 'abc123" and read man page for 'blah blah blah' but still have trouble with problem 'x' shows that you are trying to learn on your own and not expecting someone to do it all for you for free. If you want live tech support go pay for it just like with anything else. Otherwise, go to The Linux Documentation Projecthttp://www.tldp.org/if you want documentaion. Personally I don't like IRC for tech issues because too many people are there talking all over each other. It doesn't work for me, I'd rather read it at my own pace. But that's just my preference. Lot's of people say it's the best for LIVE tech support but you need to know what to ask not just "It won't work - fix it!" It's all in the details.

Surely you wouldn't expect us to believe that you were a windows expert the first time you sat in front of it? It takes a little effort and a little time and you will see why so many people use Linux. It isn't about a registered user#, it's about open source, stability, reliability, etc. Linux rocks man! Get with it! :D

One last thing- not every distro is going to install on every machine. Some machines like distro 'A' whie others like distro 'B' and still others may prefer distro 'C' or 'D' all it costs you to find out is a blank cdr right?

03-10-2003, 11:05 PM
Well I'm having similar problems - upon boot
'L' and hundreds and hundreds of '99's are written on the screen :lol:

03-11-2003, 12:54 AM
I know it's not going to help much right now, but lilo installed incorrectly.

We'll need some info about your system...
What is your system like, one hd?
How is your hd set up?
Is this a knoppix only install?