View Full Version : Thanks, guys!

05-16-2004, 09:24 AM
Just blew away Red Hat 9 and installed Knoppix 3.4 to hdb on my old 500MHz box. Awesome. Thanks to Fabian and Kano for an excellent install script, and to richenbacherus for the info on editing /root/.knofig to get a separate home partition going.

It's not much faster starting KDE, but it is faster running KDE than RH was. (Then again, I upgraded RH 3 times, so there was bound to be lots of cruft).

The only really weird thing is that QTParted says my partition layout looks like this:

|*| |-------------- hdb2 ---------------| |---- hdb1 ----| |-hdb3-| |*|
/ /home swap

* = hidden 0.03M partitions

Never seen anything quite like it. These two hard drives have been through multiple partitioning and OS changes, however.