View Full Version : Cannot boot KNOPPIX from Second CD/ROM drive

Robert Frommer
03-07-2003, 01:51 AM
I have 2 CD's on my system: a DVD and a CDRW drive (IDE-CD Rewritable 2X2X6 Rev 3.01)
I can boot from the DVD drive but keep getting read errors when trying to boot from the CDRW drive. It seems that it does not recognize the part of the CD over 650M. Now the ISO was burned on this very drive so I don't see why it cannot load from it now. It obviously wrote the part over the 650M line since I can read the CD it on my other drive. I can boot other systems from this drive that do not go over the 650M line.
I would like to boot from this drive so I can play DVD's on the other drive.
Any suggestions?
Thank you for your help.