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05-29-2004, 06:49 AM
Hello all,

One of the first things that grabbed me about knoppix was the "initiating startup sequence" announcement that graced my system speakers when knoppix was booting.

I did the HDD install with the "knoppix-installer" from ver 3.3, and chose the debian style intall. Now all happily installed, but that startup announcement is gone.

So, how do I get this voice announcement back into to the debian bootup sequence?

Thanks in advance.

05-29-2004, 10:09 AM
You, sir, are a sick man. :wink:

Why not copy the part of Mr. Knopper's fine scripts that plays the sounds, put it in a couple of new scripts, save them in /etc/init.d, and then symlink to them in /etc/rc5.d and /etc/rc6.d? <edit>(Get those names right)</edit>

The shutdown sound is played by part of the /etc/init.d/xsession script, and the one that plays the startup sound is identical save for the name of the sound file it plays.

So, (as root) copy the following to a script called "startupsnd" that reads:

# Startup/shutdown sound script
# (C) Klaus Knopper Jun 2001
# Play informational sound if soundcore module present
# (checking /dev/sndstat is unreliable)
[ -x "$PLAY" ] || PLAY=/usr/bin/play-sample
[ -x "$PLAY" ] || PLAY=/usr/bin/play
if [ -x "$OGGPLAY" -a -f /usr/share/sounds/startup.ogg ]; then
case "$(lsmod)" in *sound*) { $OGGPLAY -q -p 64 /usr/share/sounds/startup.ogg >/dev/null 2>&1 & } ; sleep 7 ;; esac
elif [ -f /usr/share/sounds/startup.wav -a -x "$PLAY" ]; then
case "$(lsmod)" in *sound*) { $PLAY /usr/share/sounds/startup.wav >/dev/null 2>&1 & } ; sleep 7 ;; esac
Save it in /etc/init.d and make it executable ("chmod +x startupsnd").

Now copy the above to a script called "shutdownsnd," only change every instance of "startup.ogg" to "shutdown.ogg" and "startup.wav" to "shutdown.wav" -- then save it as /etc/init.d/shutdownsnd, and make it executable with chmod.

Then (in KDE), fire up the SysV Init Editor, and drag/drop "startupsnd" to the top of runlevel 5, and "shutdownsnd" to the top of runlevel 6.

Voilą. :roll:

04-29-2005, 05:39 AM
Hi I would like to try this too. Unfortunately I followed these instructions to the letter and I found that the startup voice kicked in too early at approximately 70% of the way through the booting process. Is there a way to make sure it runs much later in the boot process, say for example at the exact point that X starts? Also I put the shutown sript at the top of the list in run level 6 as was suggested, but it doesn't run at all. (I did test it was working first).

My guess is that this is trying to satrt up too late.

Can anyone suggest a fix?