View Full Version : USB mouse and sound not working after HDD install

06-03-2004, 02:04 PM
Hi, I just got Knoppix installed on my laptop (FMV-BIBLO Loox T9/80M) without much of trouble. However, I found two problems that did not occur when I run Knoppix from the CD.

Problems are:
1. I cannot use USB mouse
2. The sound does not work

When Knoppix booted from the CD, it actually detected my USB mouse with the following message: "USB found, managed by hotplug. (Re)Scanning ..... [001 002]" (not exact message)
But, Knoppix from the HDD does not do that. Instead, it only shows "USB found, managed by hotplug." and that is it.

For the sound card Knoppix from the CD detects it and load the module for it. However, I cannot see the same line at all when I boot from the HDD.

I installed using knoppix-installer with 'beginner' mode. I can use Linux, but I am not an expert on configuring and doing complicated things... I really appreciate a lot if you somebody help me out here.

Thank you!