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06-07-2004, 06:04 AM
Hello all,

This Xdialog script creates a boot-able live DVD that is a copy of a
KNOPPIX version plus user content added to the root of the new DVD.
The guide allows easy publishing and including of new boot files,
background, startup index.html, and desktop on your custom DVD.

My script at http://grow-knoppix.berlios.de allows you to easily
customize a boot-able knoppix or kanotix with a second DVD RW
device. You may work from a CD boot and do not need a hard drive.

This is one more excuse for you to get that usb DVD RW. :D
I have though of a version called klone-knoppix that would burn all
to a second CD-RW like my burn-home project but, unfortunately,
growisofs does not burn directly to a CD. Further, due to the limited
space, a CD version's use, while nice, is limited.

Uses are: kiosk, publishing 4GB of material along with the operating
system, booting with cheat codes and startup scripts that do not need
operator input, robotics, and archivist's solution to keeping data plus
programs and readers together to prevent future inaccesability.

Please let me know your ideas.

Best Wishes