View Full Version : 3.4 install, kernel 2.6: network and reboot problems

06-26-2004, 11:03 AM
Hi there,

I recently installed 3.4 (tried beginner and debian style) on my HD (Dell Inspiron 8100) and have some problems:

1) With kernel 2.6.5, I get two network adaptors, eth0 and eth1 but with kernel 2.4 just eth0. With kernel 2.6 I *sometimes* get eth1 working. With 2.4, eth0 just works fine. BTW, I did not know that I have two adaptors ;-) Knoppix from CD gives me just eth0.

2) On reboot with kernel 2.6.5, my machine hangs after "Preparing for reboot..." but kernel 2.4 reboots without problems.

3) I have an external firewire HD, which always seems to be recognized, but on most boots I have to do a modprobe sbp2 and mount myself. Again, with kernel 2.4 there does not seem to be any problems.

Any further information needed?