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03-12-2003, 04:08 PM
Ok, ok, ok....I only speak english (imagine an American that only knows english if you can!)...


Does that mean "good news!" or "Fiinally!" or "Thanks!" or what?!?

Robert Michel
03-12-2003, 04:41 PM
Salve Phredd!

> Ok, ok, ok....I only speak english (imagine an American that only
> knows english if you can!)...
... no problem :), and I know for english mother speaker is it realy
hard to learn another language - no joke! I try to learn Dutch
(Aachen is very close to the Netherlands) and everytime I try to
speak Dutch, they start to speak German :(

>Does that mean "good news!" or "Fiinally!" or "Thanks!" or what?!?
See http://www.classicsunveiled.com/romevd/html/vocabs.html
Salve is old latin and means "Hello"!
Salve is still used in Italy, but not the most populare way to
greet people - its there used in situations between familar and formal.

When you ask this question, because of my posting, than can I add,
that I can't speak/read latin (a today mostly unused language).
So why I start my postings with this greeting?
About > 12 years ago I used a mailbox for comunications and every
poster had a fancy/funy/special subheader or way to end this posting.
I thought about an own style and thought a special way to start a
posting is more impressive. So I used a Greeting that the most
people understud, but don't use. For me Salve sound respectfull,
friendly and funny. So today I'm not using the mailbox anymore, but
still use the personal style for greet, welcome the reader, even for
business I use "Salve" when I write emails to people I don't know.

BTW Latin, some years ago the Finnland proposed that the European
Union should use Latin as primary working language - but happyly
the didn't get a mayority for this proposel :D

Thank you for your question, greetings

03-12-2003, 04:42 PM
Thx for your reply!!!!!

How is it pronounced?

Robert Michel
03-12-2003, 05:00 PM
Salve Phredd!

> How is it pronounced?
Im not good in explaining these, but a try:
Sal ve stressing points S l & e
"S" like smell
"a" like in car
"l" like in smelling
"v" like loving
"e" hearable like in smell

Found another nice page "How to Say "Hello" Around the World"
but without sounds-files: http://sc.3wt.com.br:8080/rafael/fun/idiomas/hello.html

BTW, I don't care if my monotype greetings will bore people,
every email/posting in english/french/german I write begins
with it...
... but to decide how to end is everytime a big problem for me :)
Have fun!