View Full Version : edit knoppix-autoconfig changes file sys to RO ?

07-07-2004, 04:53 PM
After doing a HDD install with kernel 2.6.6
I would like to edit the knoppix-autoconfig, to tweak some settings like default keyboard etc..

It appears that any change to this file, changes the whole file system to read only ??

I am new to Linux so maybe I am wrong in believing you can just edit and save this file?

My changes to knoppix-autoconfig work as wanted (no Ncurses selection screen, correct keyboard map etc..)

then it starts to complain.

Copying hardware profile to /etc/modules
: no such file or directory

/etc/rcS.d/S01knoppix-hd-config: line 36: /temp/hd-config.298: Read-only file

after login this message is thrown (or something similar)

unable to change tty : read-only file system

Thanks for the excellent distro, everything's fine apart from this.