View Full Version : hdd install = debian, what version ?

03-13-2003, 01:08 PM
Heyas all!

i just read the most amazing article about this distro, and im downloading it as i type this =)

one question though, i have debian 3.0r1 freshly installed on another partition of my pc, but im having some problems getting it to run in X, so i thought that id try this to get it to work... and if it does, i will most likey install it on my hdd, only problem is that i cant find anywhere what version of debian knoppix is basedon, i sure hope its 3.0r1 (thats called woody, right ?)

Please confirm this, as i plan to reinstall my firewall/mailserver (migrating from mandrake to debian) if it works ok on my workstation.

Really looking forward to the new release of knoppix 3.2 next week!


03-13-2003, 06:34 PM
Knoppix is sid (unstable)


03-13-2003, 06:54 PM
why unstable ??

is there any way to get the great installaton of knoppix on a stable release of debian ??


03-13-2003, 07:26 PM
Knoppix is really designed to be run from CD, it's not really intended to be an installed linux distro. I have a knoppix hd install and there are a few small problems with home directories etc. because of the coding for running from CD, but I have no problems with running it, if I create a new user I just start with a completely empty home directory and things are OK (/etc/skel is hard coded for /home/knoppix there are posts here regarding this and ways to fix the problem).

My libranet (woody) systems are loaded up with backported packages so I have similar apps on libranet to those included with knoppix, I don't know how much difference there is in stability to run a woody backport from sid or just run sid in the first place.

If you NEED woody (stable) then stick with it, but to put things in perspective I would not expect sid (unstable) to be any more unstable than say the newest mandrake, but do note that sid is constantly changing, when you apt-get update;apt-get upgrade you will be upgrading some packages almost every day, in fact yesterday I upgraded 220+ packages on my knoppix hd install, it had been a while since I upgraded it. I am a KDE user and I do notice a few more app crashes in sid than my woody+ systems, but that is one of the reasons why I have both available.

Bottom line, what are your needs, if you need rock solid stability stick with woody (stable), if you want to run the newest apps, wm's etc. then give a knoppix hd install a try it's a real easy full sid install and if necessary build on top of it with apt-get.

Do note: make sure you have your system running from cd exactly as you want it before you do the hd install, it will make things much easier for you in the long run, as after the hd install no auto hardware detection is done, the KNOPPIX KDE menu entry is deleted, etc.