View Full Version : Problems installing Knoppix in USB External disk

07-11-2004, 05:31 AM
This is my situation:

- I have an IBM Thinkpad T40 with hard disk (Windows XP) and DVD but no floppy disk
- I have an USB External hard disk with 40 GB

I have tried to install Knoppix in the USB External hard disk. Now it was two partitions:
- 1st partition: FAT32
- 2nd partition: EXT3 (created by Knoppix using qpart)

I have tried to install Knoppix using the "Knoppix-installer" utility, but I haven't been very lucky.... One of the doubts that have arised to me was what to answer when "knoppix-installer" asks about LILO location (MBR or root partition). I want LILO to be in the external disk... but I don't know how to say this to "knoppix-installer"

In my unsuccesful try, I have selected "MBR" and I have lost access to Windows XP in my laptop hard disk (panic!!!). LILO did not appear at boot, only a black screen with lots of numbers. Windows XP did not boot at all. After some hours, I have been able to fix it using Windows XP recovery console tool.

So, at this moment, Knoppix is installed in the 2nd partition of the external USB hard disk but I don't know how to boot from that partition.

What should I do? Should I reinstall Knoppix choosing "Root Partition" as LILO location instead? Will that mess my Windows XP boot again? What does exactly mean "Root Partition"? Will LILO install in my external hard disk? Any other suggestion?