View Full Version : Why have I got 3 screens now, I only need one !

03-14-2003, 03:54 AM
Iíve recently installed Knoppix 3.1 from CD to HD with knx-hdinstall.
When I boot from the floppy it displays the $prompt, then loads devices and after a short while presents a Linux/Debian login box.
I login either to Root or Knoppix and when the screen appears it is split into 2-3 ghosted desktops. Iíve tried using the various cheatcodes at the boot prompt but no joy.
Also I cannot access ĎDisplayí at the prompt, I get Error: Kunique Application: canít determine display, aborting.
My card is an ATI Rage 128 Pro.
Iím a relative newbie to Linux so could someone please give me couple of pointers.
Iím confused about LILO, how can I get it to boot Knoppix/Debian from HD without the need for the floppy at startup ?
Iíve spent nearly 5 days on this and feel that I am so near to getting it up and running but have maybe overlooked some crucial step, can anyone spot it ?
My system is AMD Duron 1300, Via 266B mb, 256ram, 2 HDís, 1 is XP Pro, the other Linux ext2 + swap file partitions.
Any help greatly appreciated, I canít wait to chuck XP in the bin and use Linux 100%.
Iíve also tried editing xf86config but as screen is so badly ghosted it is near on impossible to interact with this utility !!

03-14-2003, 05:51 PM
I’m confused about LILO, how can I get it to boot Knoppix/Debian from HD without the need for the floppy at startup ?


I cannot answer all your questions but I can give you my newbie opinion on Lilo. During the last leg of installation you should have been asked whether you wanted to install lilo (assuming you are dual booting). Selecting yes would have installed Lilo to you MBR thus prompting you to select the OS whenever you boot. If you are not dual booting, then when you created your partition using the cd, you should have set your primary partition to boot. Hope this helps

The 3 screens sounds like some funky compatibility problem.

03-15-2003, 03:42 AM
If you give your monitor model and the full spec of your card, some kind soul may be able to post you a suitable XF86config file.

As to Lilo and XP, I think you need to get the XP bootloader to call Lilo to boot in Knoppix/Debian. There are HOWTOs on doing this: try a google for

XP linux HOWTO

or somesuch