View Full Version : I cannot boot KNOPPIX on HD!

03-16-2003, 12:19 AM
I just followed "http://www.knoppix.net/docs/index.php/FaqHdBased
section 1.2"
After I used the command "lilo -C /mnt/hda3/boot/lilo.conf",
Knoppix responded me "Can't open /mnt/hda ....".
I wonder what the problem is.
I already checked "lilo.conf", but I couldn't find anything wrong.
Thus I can't reboot without CD-ROM or Floppy.
Please give me some advice.

My laptop is IBM X22.
I have only one hard disk.
Partitions are as follows:
hda1: FAT 32
hda2: linux swap
hda3: linux ext3
hda5(logical): FAT 32

TYRO cgu214

Robert Michel
03-16-2003, 02:32 AM
Salve TYRO,

I wrote this text, because it worked on my Laptop.

>I just followed "http://www.knoppix.net/docs/index.php/FaqHdBased
>section 1.2"
>After I used the command "lilo -C /mnt/hda3/boot/lilo.conf",
>Knoppix responded me "Can't open /mnt/hda ....".

:oops:I found a small mistake, I wrote to link /mnt/hda3/boot to /
>>- ln -sf /mnt/ha3/boot/ /
>>Lilo has to write to /boot/map. Because the CD-ROM is read only this
>>faild. So link the new /mnt/ha3/boot/ directory over /boot. But
>>aware to use full pathnames and use only "/" as linkname.
instead of ha3 it must be hda3. Sorry, I have corret the wiki now.

>I wonder what the problem is.
When this was not the reson for you problem I have another idea,
after linking /mnt/hda3/boot to / you could try to use
- ln -sf /mnt/hda3/boot/ /
lilo -C /boot/lilo.conf

>My laptop is IBM X22.
>I have only one hard disk.
>Partitions are as follows:
>hda1: FAT 32
>hda2: linux swap
>hda3: linux ext3
>hda5(logical): FAT 32

This seams that you use your laptop together with Windows.
I don't know if this make trouble for/with lilo. (I'm not
experianced with using lilo and Windows)

So I the idea with "lilo -C /boot/lilo.conf" helps.