View Full Version : Problem When boot Knoppix from HD

09-03-2004, 02:51 PM
Hi!, first of all i want to thanks a lot of people who help me with me with this OS. I'm a new in linux and recently i have some problems when boot, well, it try to identify all the devices. That goes well, pass the broadcasting test for the network, and before start the KDE environment (and the startx server), it give me a error message in a "config" file, about a PCMCIA card that i don't have because i'm not have a notebook. So when start startx it init in console mode and don't appear the KDE Desktop. And how i'm a newbie in this OS idon't know what to do

I have this problem when i was testing a game called Chromium and when i leave the game (quit option) it hang, so i reboot and appear this problem.

I have this problem before (but i don't remember if was with the pcmcia too) when i was viewing fluxbox and have to reset the PC. :oops: :oops: so i don't know what to do, i will give more detailed later because i'm using a knoppix and have to go to the university =) thanks to all for support me =)