View Full Version : Restructing Knoppix HD installation

09-13-2004, 04:55 AM
My laptop has only 6 gig HD which seemed massive when I bought it some years ago!
Currently I have:

hda1=1.9 G
hda5=2.3 G
hda6=1.4 G
hda7=130Megs (swap)

Hda1 has a minimal install of winME which leaves enough space for a 'toHD' Knoppix
hda5 has Knoppix HDinstall, usually about 90% full (I'm still experimenting with applications)
hda6 is vfat data shared by all systems, also has persistent home for the toHD install.

I would like to have more space for Knoppix, something like

hda1=1.2 G (winME only)
hda5=3 G (Knoppix)
hda6&7=1.8 (Data& swap)

Problem is, I don't want to to a complete gut & rebuild to get there. QTparted is not able to resize hda1, it thinks it is 100% used probably because winME writes something to the last sector of the disk as well as the first. But QTparted or maybe cfisk might be able to create another partition out of hda1 which I could then use as a separate partition for /usr or /var to free up some space in hda5.
Assuming I can manage to create the partition, how would I transfer over the /usr directory?
Or does anybody have any other suggestions?

09-13-2004, 10:03 AM
I don't quite understand how you'll be able to make a new partition without resizing an old one to make space for it. If you do manage to do it, you only need to copy over /usr to it and make a line in fstab to get it mounted on the new partition. All in all, usr would need a lot of space unless you do some cleaning up. Check to see what's eating up space in /usr with:
cd /usr
du -a|sort -n|tail
The last line will tell you total space.

09-13-2004, 11:40 AM
Well I just did what you talk about using partimage.

I backed up my hda1 and hda2 using partimage and then nuked both partitions and
recreated them using cfdisk to gain more space on my knoppix.

Then I restored the images and ran lilo and it worked.

But you might not have enough space on the shared drive to do it.

Also, since I made my hda1 (DOS) smaller it did complain about not having the same
size but it did still work.