View Full Version : Grub error 17

Henk Poley
09-14-2004, 10:31 AM
I just installed Knoppix 3.6 over my non-functioning and too cramped Gentoo install which dualbooted with Windows XP. Removed the Linux partitions, created some new ones (swap + reiserfs). But now my system won't boot. I'm getting an "error 17" from grub. It's a VIA EPIA-800 which previously booted with grub just fine.

It would be kind of handy to at least have a solution for getting into Windows XP again. The system doesn't have a floppy drive, so the 'recovery console' stuff of Windows NT(+) I've seen should not work.

[edit] I forgot to tell I used knoppix-installer-web-latest, and used it to install a 'debian like' system. The partition (/dev/hda3) has 400+ MB free, so that's not a problem. And I can't seem to find the grub config file. Usually you can expect it to be in /boot/grub/ but it's not there...

Henk Poley
09-14-2004, 12:11 PM
I've tried installing Knoppix 3.6 with kernel 2.4, and now (qt)parted didn't mown about a wrong drive geometry, and grub Just Works(tm).

Yay ^_^