View Full Version : Windows 98 and Knoppix(debian) Dual-Boot

09-25-2004, 03:40 AM
I have a 400 mhz compaq with 256 megs of ram with Windows 98 on a partiton. I have the knoppix 3.6 CD and love it. I wish I could only have Linux but i need Windows. I want to make a dual-boot between Windows and Debian and install using the Knoppix cd. I have a C: partiton and D: partiton (the same hard drive, 20 GB) The D: partition is 3.8 GB. There is nothing on the D: partition but a folder with some Openoffice documents that I would like to keep.

How would you reccomend i install debian from the knoppix cd, and get the dual-boot working?

09-25-2004, 04:11 AM
You can do this from w98 or knoppix cd:
Move/Copy all folders from D (hda2 in knoppix) to C(hda2 in knoppix). Now you have all your files you want to keep in C.

Delete the D partition (in w98, boot and hit F5, choose boot to dos, run fdisk)(in knoppix, simply run Qtparted) , and now you have 3.8 G of free space.

Create partition, using qtparted from knoppix cd:
From the free space create two partition:
1) linux swap: between 250MB to 500MB, 250MB is sufficient enough
2) the rest of free space, create linux ext3 partition.

It's better for you to create w98 rescue disk first. It will come handy if anything goes wrong.
Open konsole and run this command:
su <enter>
knoppix-installer <enter>
Follow instruction.......choose to install lilo on mbr. Lilo usually will detect your win98. In case lilo cannot boot, later on, you can use your win98 rescue disk, run fdisk /mbr and you will be able to boot your w98.
It's a good idea if you create a boot floppy too when asked at the end of installation.
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