View Full Version : Cool animated LILO boot screen.

03-23-2003, 08:04 PM
**Make boot floppies for each Linux distro you have installed if you have not already done so. You could easy make your OS unbootable by following these directions.
Get the morphix games distro:
You of course must install it to your hard drive -make sure to check the 'animated login screen' and 'install LILO to MBR' options when prompted.
Of course you should be sure that all other Linux installs have their partitions marked as 'bootable' (use cfdisk) and have LILO installed to their respective 'root' directories, that way when you edit Morphix's lilo.conf file it will work. Then boot into Morphix and edit /etc/lilo.conf. adding all other bootable partitons and whatever you would like to name them. Then do a /sbin/lilo, reboot and you should have a cool screen from which to select your operating system.