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09-27-2004, 04:19 PM
Hey guys and girls,

Forgive my ignorance, I'm new to linux. :oops:

I have the following problem. Just installed knoppix 3.6 but system does not boot into runlevel 5. If I log in as root and run kdm from prompt then all is well. Default runlevel in inittab is runlevel 5. Can you please guide me as to where I should look to achieve booting directly into KDE?

Thanks in advance

09-28-2004, 05:12 AM
THis problem usually happen to people who install knoppix from outside kde or using text mode boot.
The only solution I know is to do full reinstall from within kde.
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user unknown
09-29-2004, 02:37 AM
you start kdm from commandline?
I use 'startx' to start x from the commandline, but that needn't mean, it's better than 'kdm'.

In your /etc/rc5.d/, which files do you find?

ls /etc/rc5.d/ > filelist

I got a S99kdm there.