View Full Version : Help with multiple install

09-29-2004, 12:23 PM
Hello ....here is the scenario: I have a desktop computer with 2 hard drives. One running WINXP and the other running KNOPPIX ver. 3.4.
Everything works great, no problems. BUT I am getting restless and want to TINKER. I have a small 4gig HDD sitting in a file cabinet in office.

I want to TEMPORARILY remove my KNOPPIX HDD from computer, and put in that small 4gig drive. I want to divide the drive into TWO [2] partitions of approx 2 gig apiece.

I then want to put the NEW KNOPPIX version on one of the partitions and I want to put a different LINUX type [BLAG] on the other partition. I just want to divide those 2 partitions further by making 2 more partitions in each one. That way each OS will have a ROOT and SWAP partition. Since the HDD is small, thats all I want to do as far as partitioning. My questions are:

1.) Does it matter which OS to install first?

2.) I dont want to mess up my MBR on my WINXP drive so can I IGNORE the LILO boot loader, and once these 2 OS's are install, just set BIOS to boot JUST FROM THE 4gig drive?

This is just an experiment cause I want to learn how to do different types of installations and I like to tinker. Plus since the 4gig drive is a spare it dosnt matter if anything fouls up.

So my main concern is how to deal with LILO cause I dont want to touch my WINXP HDD MBR cause my original KNOPPIX 3.4 boot record is on there. So when I replace the KNOPPIX HDD, everything is back to normal.

If someone could walk me thru this It would be great! :D