View Full Version : PC-Welt Knoppix-CD v3.7 (englisch for Ying-Yang7)

10-06-2004, 02:47 PM
I have installed above mentioned OS (Knoppix 3.7) onto hda4 via Bootmagic, to have a multi-boot system.My PC has a Pentium4-1,8 GHz, 2 HD's; 512 MB DDR-RAM,Shuttle Mainboard AV45GT, VIA P4M266/8233 Chipsatz.
Everything runs ok except the following:
After configuring DSL via my configured eth0 card and the option - start connection after the next boot - I have a connection at the moment to my provider T-Online, but after the next boot I do not have a connection. I have to configure the ADSL/PPPoE all over again to get a connection just for one Boot. There must be a mistake in saving my config-datas and Knoppix obviously forgets them or saves them at the wrong place. Or do I something wrong in saving my DSL-configuration? Can one also create a shortcut on the desktop I could start an internet-dsl-connection, if yes how do I have to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

10-06-2004, 05:53 PM
Why not just install with knoppix-installer ?
Works for me and you can install to where you want it.
You can always stop the install if its going in the wrong direction.
The knoppix-installer also uses QTparted also inculded on the knoppix disk FREE. Remember if you say write to HD when you are partitioning just watch that you don't wriite over your windows else you will close your windows.
You can forget the Windows paritioning programs. If you use it "Knoppix" enough and you wont want to use windows anymore anyway! It's taken me about a year but now I'm 90% linux 10% windows I use just enough windows to keep the Macro's in Excel and Word working as Open office macros and microsoft macros are not compatable at all.
Have Fun hope this helps.