View Full Version : DVD Knoppix3.4 remaster -iso-top-info 2.1GB script for TORAM

10-09-2004, 08:02 PM
Modifying the linuxrc script SIZE statement to allow 3GB of memory permits the DVD to load to desktop with 2.1GB of memory in use in TORAM option.

The original script in linuxrc lists 800MB for the SIZE in TORAM option. This was changed to 3000 to permit the loading of the DVD in ..toram...option.

The result was confirmed in the system resource monitor provided in the system programs utility. The entire 2.1GB of Live DVD produces 4.9GB of cloop storage, all in ram memory.

My system is athlon1900+ with 3GB of 2100SDRAM.

A 1GB video file was copied to desktop and played in Xine as an uncompressed .vob video.
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