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10-15-2004, 03:30 PM
my GF's Mom has a AMD 1 GHz 128 MB RAM wich was running with a Knoppix HDD install (3.1) without any trouble.
After a year it suddenly took approx. ten minutes or longer to boot. Nothing has changed neither hadware nor software. Its basicly a modern typewriter with internet-browser :wink:

Unfortunetly the TFT-Display did not support any modes of the boot-up sequences so we tried booting from CD, both knx 3.4 & 3.6.
The boot was also very slow and after HDD installation of those versions the same Problem accured.
Now we finaly managed to get a CRT monitor. Everything is going pretty slow- the things it remains at the longest:

-RAM disc: compresd image found at block 0

-calculating module dependencies (lots of lines refaring to moduls.dep and many more. also it displays: hint: insmod errors can becaused by incorrect module parrameters/invalid io or irq)

when booting from CD its stopping especelly long at:

"CD unable to locate rsdp"

Now I am not a linux expert, I'm just one of those who are able to get Knoppix installed on the harddrive, that's about it.

So I am pretty clueless and I wold aprecheate any help to avoid installing windows. Thanks :)

10-16-2004, 12:37 AM
There is only 3 things I can think of:

1) Check memory...test mem option using cd. I doubt this is the problem.
2) Check hardisk for bad block or hardisk error. This is more likely the problem. I had similar problem, took me >10 min just to boot cd. After doing some scanning....I found the evil...>1000 bad blocks.
3) Could be the hardisk is full.

Good luck

:D :D