View Full Version : VMWare - Ghost - Knoppix - must really be a Ghost inside

10-16-2004, 12:34 AM
Strange things keep happening to the system. Wanted to use VMWare - had trouble with full screen mode - read XF86 version used by Knoppix has trouble in full-screen - OK - just used Autofit then giving me a full-screen window. System crashed. Pulled out Ghost and ran it. Booted into Knoppix and my display was only 640x480. Dropped to Init 2 - read a warning that VMWare was not compiled for present kernel. Removed VMWare - ran Init 5 - screen stayed at 640x480. Dropped back to init 2 - configured X - and on init 5 - system still 640x480 (made certain to copy to X..-4). Said nuts to this. Closed down system. Ran Ghost again - Booted into Init 2 - then into Init 5 - and screen perfect - and VMWare working perfect. Weird! Any thoughts? Is Bochs friendlier in Linux?