View Full Version : Which version should I use?

10-28-2004, 09:07 PM
I was going to install linux to my hard drive, and I wansnt sure which of the versions to use. I want it to be in a dual boot with Windows XP. I would be using Linux as a secondary OS, because I am not really good at any scripting.
I was thinking that Maybe I would download SuSE Professional of the internet. Which do you think I should use? Thanks for any help!

I was also looking at Gentoo. Is there anything special about that distro, or is it just normal. Do you also know If there is any live Gentoo CD or DVD!

10-29-2004, 12:35 AM
This isn't really knoppix related. But, I personally like debain. Though I hear Suse is a little more friendly for the newbie.

10-30-2004, 02:05 PM
Debian, Slackware, Suse, Mandrake, Fedora and linspire are all working solutions (along with a few hundred more).
of these Debian and Slackware are not as "beginner friendly" as Suse, Mandrake and Fedora are.
In my opinion they (Debian and Slackware) are more stable and less of a struggle to get working well, this is because they folow the "normal" ways, as oposed to some odd one.
this means if you folow a readme or howto you have a larger probability that things work first try.
all of them listed above will work but my view is that Fedora is so "friendly" that it requires skill to get it going "right", Suse and Mandrake little less so.
otoh this is only aparent if you try to dive little deeper into the system, if you aim for a desktoip with little else that surfing, mail and office work in mind they will be as good or perhaps better