View Full Version : problems getting giftd to connect to Gnutella

10-30-2004, 01:42 AM
I installed gifts and the OpenFastTrack, FastTrack, and Gnutella plugins. FastTract and OpenFastTrack connect fine, but I'm having a problem getting Gnutella to connect.

these are the errors giftd returns

[20:33:28] Gnutella: try_some_nodes() returned 0. node list len=0
[20:33:28] Gnutella: No hosts to try. Looking in gwebcaches...
[20:33:28] Gnutella: Retrying to connect to nodes.

my nodes files is completely blank
I have tried using both a gwebcaches file with ip adresses as well as dns names for servers.
I downloaded a hosts file too, tried copying it's contents into the nodes file but upon running giftd it blanks out the nodes file.

Can anyone help me getting gnutella running with giftd?