View Full Version : Problems installing Knoppix 3.6

11-04-2004, 05:36 AM
I've been trying to install Knoppix 3.6, but it doesn't work.
I made a partition on an empty disk with cfdisk and then used the mkfs.ext3 command to format it. When I execute the installer (knx2hd) it says it can't write on the HD. Then I've tried IGNORE_CHECK=1 sudo knoppix-installer to make it but there's some problem when the installer uses the mkfs.ext3 and installation doesn't start.
I changed the proceeding and only made the partition before running the installer and the result was the same.
Finally, I tried to install Knoppix on the HD without any previous partition, but an error message appeared and installer stopped.
Pls, give me some help.