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11-10-2004, 09:29 AM
problems I've noticed--

cant switch terms using <F1-12>
cant logout ( just dumps to black screen )

other issues may\may not be 3.1 related:

Im using a Compaq Presario S5100NX
It initially came installed with XP home
I used Partition Magic 8.0 to
create a linux fs
I installed 3.1
all is well...kinda
after 2 weeks NTFS dies:
at boot I see 'NTDETECT FAILED'
I try to recover using cd's which compaq sent me---
they wont even load -- halfway thru reading 1st cd
I get a bsod stating problems with video driver
ok to hell with MS!
then shit really hits the fan--
today ext2 fs corrupted -wont boot
had to use fsck manually with live cd
4 hours later after all seems well
and Im non-chalantly posting in a forum
as I do now , the whole system freezes-
hdd light stays on., nothing works
except sysrq

whats wrong?!?
thanks for help

11-10-2004, 01:38 PM
Well Knoppix 3.1 is ancient my friend. Why not get an up to date version? Also why do you use PM to make Linux filesystems? Use Linux to make Linux file systems and forget ext2. Use a journaled fs like ext3 or better yet reiser. ;) Lastly if you want to install a live cd to hdd then Knoppix really isn't the best choice. (see the multitude of upgrade problems in this forum). Try Kanotix (http://kanotix.mipooh.net) and be happy.