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11-11-2004, 04:08 PM
I would like to install it to my HD, and I would like the machine to be dual bootable without need for the CD. I have spent quite a bit of time searching for directions for doing this, and I am confused by the vast array of information. Are there simple, easy to follow directions available that explain how to install Knoppix onto a HD? Is there a paritcular version (3.4 vs 3.6) which is better at this? I currently have both on CD. Also, are there advantages to using a newer (2.6?) linux kernel when running Knoppix from a HD?

My setup is as follows. My HD has 4 partitions (40MB Dell utility, 104GB NTFS running XP SP2, 10GB FAT32 for Knoppix install, and 500MB unallocated space to be used for the Knoppix swap partition). I have 1GB memory and a pretty fast processor. My video card supports the dual monitors on my desk, and would like to take advantage of them within Knoppix if possible.

Would someone(s) please point me in the right directions?

My thanks in advance!

11-12-2004, 05:48 AM
Here is a link for HD installation: http://www.knoppix.net/docs/index.php/HdInstallHowTo

Google for Grub or lilo setup or search for dual boot on this sites search function to be able to dual boot with Windows.
You can also say no to the installer when it asks to create a lilo configuration and have it make a boot floppy. Then you can use the floppy to boot knoppix ( your mbr will be left alone-not changed ) and you can boot windows by leaving the floppy out.
As far as the version choice I see no reason not to use the latest release unless you run into problems, and as to the kernel if the install goes correctly you should have the choice of booting either from the lilo menu-so you can try both. ( At least that's how my 3.5 dvd install works )
Hope this helps.