View Full Version : Does HD install need persistent home+ save config?

11-29-2004, 12:04 AM
I've installed Knoppix 3.6 to my harddrive. do I need to create a persisent home to keep programs after I reboot? And must I save my confiugration everytime I plan to reboot?

11-29-2004, 03:51 AM
If you have done a full HD install (ie not a 'poormans install'), no, you shouldn't have to save any configs or home files. One 'exception' (which isn't really an exception) if you have done a Knoppix style install & want to maintain changes to /etc/fstab, you will have to add 'nofstab' to your 'append=' line in lilo.conf so fstab won't get overwritten with each boot.