View Full Version : debootstrap fails with non-writeable /dev/null

03-30-2003, 09:38 PM
The topic already summarized the issue.

I booted from knoppix 3.1 and wanted to install a debian proper.

So created a partition on the disk, formated it and proceed with debootstrap. It nicely downloaded all the requiered packages but failed to install them because some script found /dev/null non-writeable.

I didn't investigate too deep in that matter, but my suspicion is that the chroot done by debootstrap somehow gets into the way and finally clashes with the fact that it booted from a CD and have /dev there.

I worked around by installing knoppix on the partition ment for debian, rebooted with that and proceeded successfully as i intended originally.

Now my question is: how to debootstrap debian from knoppix without this extra twist?

Please note that this is not just problem aside, but it is that the regular debian installation procedure is not working properly from the knoppix CD.

Thanks for help