View Full Version : Failsafe install for v3.7

12-13-2004, 07:20 AM
I am wanting to try the 2.6 kernel for video and sound support. The kernel boots fine from the CD on my celeron system and identifies the video and sound now. Trying to run knoppix-installer I am confronted with a lot of copy errors from the cd. This is also the case with the older distribution using the 2.4 kernel. Reading the forums I gather this is not an isolated problem. I am not convinced the errors are actually due to a badly burnt CD as I have tried many combinations etc. Seems more like a problem with the old ATA33 IDE implementation and the older hd. On the old distrribution I can install to hd by booting the failsafe kernel and this will go nice and slowly till the install is complete - no errors. I dont have enough details of what is not in the failsafe kernel or if I can effect the same result by passing some parameters to the kernel at boot. I have tried the usual suspects and combinations of these that might relate to the ide access to no avail. I am not certain of how of if there is a means to boot the 2.6 kernel in a failsafe mode the same as the 2.4 kernel. eg failsafe2.6??? Any tips for me?

12-13-2004, 07:52 PM
knoppix26 nodma noscis
works for me on a old crappy 120Mhz with ata33