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12-13-2004, 08:05 PM
New Knoppix user here, coming to after several years with Linux.

I've installed 3.7 on a harddrive. Some issues have arisen:

1) The machine has two hard drives. I want to put /home and /usr/local on .dev.hdb, the second drive. I used qparted to make and commit the appropriate partitions, but the install script did not honor those changes. How can I tell the install script that I want my partitions spread over two drivers?

2) I'm using an LCD flat panel and an Nvidia video card. I run the monitor at its native resolution of 1280x1024. The install script did not detect my monitor or the card. Since Knoppix is Debian-based, I ran "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86". However, the existing XF86Config-4 file was not altered. So, I edited it by hand. Still, at every reboot, I see messages that Knoppix has detected a generic monitor and is defaulting to incorrect refresh rates and resolutions. KDE is, in fact running at 1280x1024.

3. Fonts display quality is inadequate. I've installed the collection of MS fonts I keep around for that purpose, as well as a ~/.fonts.conf that I've used to good effect on other distributions, including regular Debian. I've configured fonts in KDE and selected anti-aliasing. However, fonts are much smaller than they should be and not all fonts are aliased (e.g., in Konsole). How can I fix this.

4. It was my understanding that klik was presintalled in 3.7. However, when I try to install something at klik,sf.net, the browser -- Mozilla or Konquerer -- reports that the klik protocal is not supported.

I've used a few Knoppix-based distributions (MEPIS and Munjoy in particular) and these problems did not appear. Appreciate any advice.


12-17-2004, 03:00 AM
1) Don't know. There is a howto on installing split over several partitions, you may have to wait until the docs are back up. Do a search of these forums, there may be some info here.
Still, at every reboot, I see messages that Knoppix has detected a generic monitor sound like you have done a knoppix style install which reconfigures with each boot. You can cancel out some of the reconfiguring with cheatcodes; for instance 'nofstab' will prevnt it from overwriting your fstab file. To add cheatcodes on a HD install, edit /etc/lilo.conf. The cheatcodes used are in the 'append=' line.
3) Don't know, sorry.
4) You don't need to use klik if you have HD installed. klik installs applications to a persistent home for when youare running from CD or a 'poorman's install'. For a full HD install just use apt-get.

12-18-2004, 09:54 PM
Currently, only Kanotix comes with the klik client preinstalled. But you can easily install it yourself, simply copy and paste the following line to the Alt-F2 window:

wget klik.berlios.de/client/install -O -|sh