12-16-2004, 02:43 AM
Let me first say this is not a slam on Knoppix. IM a new user so I have much to learn and therefor somewher within the frames of my logic I have either totally mad A mean B or have just lost it lol

Ok I installed a 8 gig maxtor hard drive to my computer under a slave to my primary hard drive. I then went and erased everything off the 8 gig hard drive as I wanted to use the whole thing for just KNOPPIS (how sweet of me).

I then when I got into knoppix had a hard time finding the right install command and finally found knoppix-installer or sudo knoppix-installer.
(OH by the way I know I have to have the hDD unmounted so when I log into knoppix I got to hdb which comes up with the maxtor hard drive when it boots up and make sure unmount it).

I have tried the installer many times and all it says is that IT can READ the hard drive but not write to it or it says he cannot read the info on the disk. Just for the heck of It I copied 1 gig of info onto the disk so it would have something to read but I can find that on the Knoppix desktop but not when doing install.
I also did cfdisk and heck it shows hda1 which is the first hdd on the computer but it does not show hdb1 the second hard drive.
Now from what i understand I dont need a duel OS boot program because this is all going on a hdd dedictated directly to it so when I want to use it I just either put it as the primary boot or hit esc then select the second hdd to boot with.

HA HA I had a great time getting my md5sum checker to work and the easiest part was downloading the program and buring an ISO. I very much am looking forward to using this program more and more.

Please answer this in treat me and yes I said it like a 4 year old and spell out what I am doing in plain english. I would greatly appreciate it and it will help me help other people I know that may have similar problems..

12-16-2004, 02:58 AM
I believe you have windows in your primary master hdd.
What you can do is create partition on your slave hdd from within windows using some partition manager that support linux partition ..........ex: partition magic.
create 2 partition:
1) linux swap partition = 500M
2) Linux ext3 partition = the rest of free space.

Then boot using knoppix cd, unmount ext3 partition and run in konsole:

Good luck.
:D :D