View Full Version : Installing V3.6/7 to HD, please correct me if I miss....

12-16-2004, 02:29 PM
Current situation: P4 2.8C/1G DDR Ram/2 HDs
hda1= 15G NTFS OS/W2K Pro
hda2= 115G NTFS data files

hdb1= 15G FAT32 empty (ready to install Knoppix)
hdb2= 65G NTFS data files

1 - Upon booting from live CD at the boot prompt:
boot: Knoppix26 alsa=intel8x0 lang=us screen=800x600 nopcmcia toram

2 - Open up root terminal and enter:
sudo QTParted (*to format /dev/hdb1)

3 - Exit root terminal to unmount /dev/hdb1 (by right clicking mouse and sel unmount)

4 - Open root terminal and enter:
sudo Knoppix-installer (*and follow instructions from there on)

Please correct me if I am missing anything...thanks .

12-16-2004, 03:43 PM
Create a swap partition out of some space form the small hd, you can also do this with QTparted. Also, use knoppix-installer-latest-web to get the latest installer.(optional)