View Full Version : Installing Knoppix 3.7 over FC2 w/Strange XP Dualboot

12-24-2004, 12:43 AM
My current system is a rather painfully-created chimera dual-booting XP and Fedora Core 2. I installed FC2 first, copied the boot sector to a floppy, then installed Windows to a seperate partiton, copied the FC2 boot sector image to the Windows partition, and used the Windows bootloader to load the FC2 bootloader. Which, to put it mildly, is a major pain. And, of course, FC2 doesn't have firewire support (I mainly want a Linux distro so I can work with digital video editing through Cinelerra), so I'm back to square zero.

I'd ideally like to install Knoppix to the partition that FC2 is currently living on, and dual-boot. The simpler and less likely to screw up my Windows install (I -could- reinstall, but it's a time investment I'd rather not make right now), the better. How should I go about doing this..?

I should note that I looked for info in the wiki, but the wiki appears to be down. Other people seem to have mentioned a way to create an image that can be loaded by XP's bootloader.. can someone point me to a tutorial that describes how to install Knoppix to an existing partition and output this image to a floppy..? I presume it shouldn't be too difficult..

Okay, so I took the plunge. Unlike any other Linux distro I've ever used, Knoppix's install-to-hdd worked, the first time, without destroying my XP partition. I wrote the bootloader to /root rather than /mbr, and am using a boot disk (hopefully I can get the windows bootloader to work and avoid the bootdisk eventually, but for now it works!). I'd like to be able to attribute my success to my now-improved knowledge of Linux, but I think its just that Knoppix's install system Just Works, which is what I've been hoping to see from Linux for ages. Mad kudos to everyone out there who worked on it, although I doubt they'll ever see this. .