View Full Version : restart problem with knoppix/windows dual boot PLZ HELP ASAP

01-01-2005, 01:37 AM
i installed my knoppix/windows xp dual boot and everthing turned out fine i created a 30 gig extended partition and inside there was 500 meg swap and the rest root then i created a fat32 on another partition for the windows xp installation, installed windows xp first then linux second, everything goes fine, well i KEEP getting this problem, i'd be using windows for a couple hours and then suddenly it would just restart! then once it boots up to the desktop it restarts again etc. etc. i reformated thinking it was an installation issue and it happened again! anybody have any clue whats goin on, i'm thinking its because i'm using knoppix 3.4 and i created the fat32 inside qtparted and there's something wrong with the way qtparted makes fat32. this is the only thing i can think of.


01-01-2005, 03:14 AM
My advice..........Don't create extended partition, and dump linux there.
Remove/delete that extended partition and you'll have extra free partition(30G).
From that free space, create partition for linux swap and Linux partition(ext3).

The xp keep restarting has nothing to do with linux.............probably a bad installation or problem with hardware.
Check for any losen card in your pc. I had this problem before.....and found out my networkcard not properly inserted.