View Full Version : problem after knoppix install

01-03-2005, 02:49 AM
I was installing Knoppix, so i choose the Debian way, but it gets part through the install, but then gives me all these errors. It is 3.7. Then I tried to install again, this type I used Knoppix. It got through with only a few errors. I installed LILO to /root, not /mbr, and then made a boot floppy. I booted without the floppy and the Windows installation was fine. I booted with the floppy, but then when it was loading, it said there were errors on the disk, and then ran fsckdisk. It got through and then said that I would have to run fsckdisk manually. It then dropped me to a root console. What happened, and what do I do to fix the install?