View Full Version : Printer install using rpm ...

01-04-2005, 05:12 PM
I am running Knoppix 3.4 and would like to install a new printer ...

I have a Canon i560 and have found an rpm file (at ftp://download.canon.jp/pub/driver/bj/linux/) that I would like to install. I am assuming that this rpm file contains drivers for the printer.

I first tried rpm -i and then alien and found that I could successfully tranform the rpm into a deb file.

After that I ran alien again to try to install the file and got no feedback ... so I assume it was installed (?).

The deb installation seemed to create /usr/lib/bjlib with bjfilterpixus560i.conf and two .tbl files but (using printer configuration) none of these seemed to be a printer driver.

Next I went to 'printer setup' and tried to install the printer. Here the system seemed to to recognise these formats.

I am a bit of a novice so I need to know ...

What format / extension do printer drivers have?

Do printer drivers come as rpm files? Or as separate drivers?

Does anyone have any further information about Canon i560 printers and their installation under Linux/Knoppix?

Thanks for your help.

Alan Searle.