View Full Version : media player/playlists etc.

01-10-2005, 11:24 AM
Hi all,

I am using juk as my music player (wanted to use amarok but that's another story!!!), but when i press play i get nothing.

I am missing something here as when i used kscd to play cds i just put the cd in and it saw it, listed the tracks etc. Also how do i transfer the cd to the player with all the track listing etc so i can play it straight from the pc without the cd in. I do not seem to be able to mount the cdrom/dvdrom drive to be able to tranfer the files, get the following error message............

Unable to run the command specified. The file or folder file:/mnt/cdrom does not exist.

What i want to do going forward is tranfer all my cd's to the pc and play them via a media player with tarcks listed etc, but i am stumbling early on and really do not want to resort to XP.

New to linux, home built pc, celeron 1.8 , 256mb, knoppix hdd install.

Cheers Steve