View Full Version : can't ftp into 3.4 install

01-14-2005, 08:55 AM
On my knoppix 3.4 HD install, I have updated inetd.conf using update-inetd to enable ftp service, but attempts to ftp don't connect. If ftp is working, one should be able to "ftp localhost" successfully, but I get only the following:

johnpipe@Angel:~$ ftp localhost
ftp: connect: Connection refused

I get the same message if I try to ftp from another box (I can ssh in from other box OK). I thought perhaps /etc/hosts.allow might be the problem, so added:

ALL: # localhost
ALL: 192.168.0. # 1/05 spare net on dialup router
ALL: 192.168.1. # 1/05 John's net
ALL: 192.168.2. # 1/05 Steph's net

This did not change the result. Can anyone suggest what else to look for, or tips to help trace where the problem lies? I'm more used to my main desktop, on an old p233mmx, RedHat 6.1 box, and still learning how to deal with knoppix-debian.

Thank you,


01-16-2005, 08:17 AM
Problem solved . Here is what happened, and the solution.

After much web searching on debian, and looking through the system, I realized that inetd was not running (this really threw me, as on RedHat, inetd is running by default). I did the following:

su -c 'update-rc.d inetd defaults'

so that inetd runs on bootup.

su -c '/etc/init.d/inetd start'

to start inetd without re-booting.

I had also used apt-get to install proftpd instead of the default, and configured to run from inetd.[/code]