View Full Version : My system do not speak english anymore but german!

01-15-2005, 11:47 PM
I had a nasty experience for a day ago. my mbr and partitiontable dissapered but due to the help of some very kind people at this site together with my own efforts i managed to make it work again. i had to reinstall grub to get my dualboootsystem running again. But something weird happend. The booting became different. The vga boot became very largesized, tux dissapered from the top left corner of the screeen, some complain of mounting hda that seems to be false alarm because everything works fine, but worst of all, EVERYTHING that at the command line is in german not english anymore. Most software is in german too! Its so confusing coz i cant even understand fdisk which i need to use on a external HD. My debian installation orginates from knoppix so maybe it isnt a typical debian way of fixing it i do not know.

A strange thing was that grub.conf and menu.lst wasnt there after my crash. I had to make new ones and im not sure if i missed someting since things has changed now I do not even now if it was there in the beginning if knoppix handles this in a different way(just speculation.)

Any help would be great because i cant fix this on my own.

Take care/

01-16-2005, 12:18 AM
I haven't got the answer for you, but I noticed a bad bug with Knoppix 3.7. When booting kernel 2.6.9, it offers to create a hardware profile if you press a key within 3 seconds. Unfortunately, if you do this, you find that your system boots in German. I didn't know how to change this, so I had to reinstall. needless to say, if I ever reboot now, I make sure I don't press a key during that three second period!

01-16-2005, 05:41 AM
If this happens you should be able to correct it by adding 'lang=us' to the 'append=' list in lilo.conf or whatever the equivalent is in grub. You will have to cope with the german keyboard while you make the edit though.