View Full Version : Error While installtion of knoppix

01-20-2005, 09:55 AM
On my machine, I had window XP. I would like to load Linux. Hence I have deleted /dev/hda1 on which Window XP was there.
by using cfdisk/fdisk command. Now I have whole HD empty.

Then I start knx2hd command which will load knoppix on harddisk. I click on partitioning HD. It shows the error message that "It can not write to harddisk". And I can not do the partitiong though knx2hd.

Then I quit the knx2hd. and at root console I do the HD partition by running cfdisk/fdisk command. After partitioning I do initialise swap by running mkswap -f /dev/hda5.

After that I again start knx2hd. Now I can move to installation stage. I choose the Beginner level (Multi user) option.
I click on Installation. IT flags off another ERROR: with ext3 file system. And I could not load knoppix. :( :(

But when I use mke2fs -c -j /dev/hda1 on root console, it does not show up any problem.

I have tried to find out manual on knx2hd. But i have not found any.

Could anyone please help me out.