View Full Version : Persistent home isn't dynamic

01-21-2005, 01:04 PM

Whenever I read the home directory from my pendisk this image remains unaltered.

I mean /home is actually a link to /ramdisk/home I bealive and whenever I boot it copies the contents of the pendisk into the ramdisk but whenever I shutdown it doesn't dump the memory contents back into the pendisk. In order to update my home I have to run the mkpersistenthome script again.

I tried to change this by removing the /home/knoppix dir and linking it to my pendisk /mnt/sda/knoppix I added a couple of lines to my knoppix.sh.

This works nicely but it has an annoying side efect that afther the knoppix.sh script terminates the /mnt/sda directory is unmounted and so I must manually mount it back again, plus since X starts right away it gets stuck.

Any one has got any ideas ?