View Full Version : Problem with Knoppix 3.7 after installation on EPIA

01-21-2005, 02:33 PM

I try Knoppix 3.7 CD and it function correctly on mi epia M6000 board.
By using CD all function and i reach the KDE.
After this try i press <Ctrl><Alt><F2> to enter in the command line.
I start the knoppix-installer to install the Knoppix onto HD.
I have some problem with patitioning because after HD partioning with first partition of 5G of type ext3 and 1 swap parition of 1G, the system gave me the message that it can't find aright HD configuration.
OK i solve tis problem....
I run the installation but during the installation, 80%, appear some error because the installer doesn't uncompressing some file for problem in the tmp directory.
However the installation is finished correctly.

I reboot the computer but when KDE start gave me an error because it can't write a directory.
At this point start a command line terminal bat nothing appens !!!

I've made a CD like installation, selected in the menu at the start of installation, but the cd running correctly the installation NO ???
Why ???

I read something in the frum but i can't find any problem like that.
I read that probabily is a problem of the command line running after the <Ctrl><Alt><F2>. in some forum i had readed that the best is running the icon of KDE command line terminal ???

Someone have a suggestion or procedure to follow ???

thanks in advice .