View Full Version : Has anyone tried this? - fixed /boot for reload

04-03-2003, 06:36 PM
I am thinking of setting my Knoppix system to boot off of Grub in a /boot partition.

What I plan to do is setup a /boot partition on my HD with all the Grub conf et cetera in it. Of course, when I reload a new Knoppix CD sometime in the future the /boot partition with Grub will not get mapped in fstab. If I don't set the MBR with lilo, I expect not to mess up my Grub MBR boot. I will have to boot from a floppy or CD the first time while I change the fstab on the HD so that everything comes up ok. And fix the /boot directory that Knoppix sets in the fs. Is my thinking right? Once Grub is setup the first time everything looks straight-forward after that. I will add the new kernel stuff and modules as it becomes available.

This will allow me to keep the partition without it getting overwritten by lilo each time I reload a new version of Knoppix. I like some systems to play with and others for production!

At first, I was a little put off with the lack of being able to load into multiple partitions during the install of Knoppix, but I am seeing that this is not totally bad.

04-03-2003, 08:12 PM
When I install any flavor of Linux I always install LILO to the /root partition of that installation. Then I simply edit LILO in the MBR and add "/dev/hd?" and Label="blah" rerun /sbin/lilo and it shows up nicely in my animated ice skating penguin LILO boot screen. I don't do GRUB but it is the same for any boot manager. So technically I use LILO twice everytime I boot an OS.

BTW- When you install Knoppix and select 'no' to install LILO to MBR it is installed instead to the /root partition.